DEPO Istanbul

DEPO Istanbul
Ausstellung 13.9.2013 bis 13.10.2013

The exhibition ‘Desiring the Real. Austria Contemporary’ presents works by 25 Austrian artists who explore different models of reality and place this notion at the centre of their work. It is about subjectively experienced reality, staged reality, but also about developing alternative solutions and spaces for reality and contrasting them with one’s own concept of what is ‘real’.

Melitta Moschik ‘Destination TR34’ 2013

In the two-part work the province of Istanbul will be visited on the digital atlas of the world. The topography of the town is visualized in screened image motives and produced in stamped steel blackboards. The abstract grid patterns of arial view make touristic and political locations legible and suggest territorial control.

Exhibition View, DEPO ISTANBUL
Melitta Moschik ‘Destination TR34_01_02’ 2013

Ausstellungsansicht DEPO ISTANBUL Melitta Moschik ‘Destination TR34_01_02’, 2013

Ausstellungsansicht, DEPO ISTANBUL, Melitta Moschik ‘Destination TR34_01_02’, 2013


Melitta Moschik ‘Destination TR34_01’, 2013 Stahltafeln, CNC-Stanzung,160 x 120 cm


Melitta Moschik ‘Destination TR34_02’, 2013, Stahltafeln, CNC-Stanzung,160 x 120 cm